M 56

M 56 is a Globular Cluster in the constellation Lyra, visible in the summer skies. Despite its total magnitude of appr. 9 mag and a diameter of appr. 9 arcmin, it is sometimes missed because of its relative vicinity to the famous Ring Nebula M 57. Have a closer look on this nice Globular by clicking on the thumbnail to the left.

NGC 7741

NGC 7741 is a prominent barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Pegasus. Despite its brightness and size it is rarely imaged. In our picture we tried to go really deep and reveal the myriads of surrounding background galaxies. A nice cluster can be seen to the right of NGC 7741.

Abell 21

Abell 21 is also known as the „Medusa Nebula“. It is an old and quite large Planetary in the constellation Gemini. Extending more than 10 arcmin in diameter, it has a low surface brightness and hence is visually an object for really large telescopes and also photographically requires long exposure times. Abell 21 is approximately 1500 light years away and 4 light years in diameter.

NGC 6894


NGC 6894 is a Planetary in the constellation Cygnus. With a diameter of less than 1 arcmin (appr. 40-50 arcsec) it requires a large focal length and good seeing conditions to reveal some detail. Our image was taken in nights with fairly good seeing (FWHM <2 arcsec).

NGC 6781

NGC 6781 is a Planetary in the constellation Aquila. As common for Planetaries, NGC 6781 shows the two prevailing colors red (hydrogen) and blue/green (oxygen).

M 27


M 27 is a Planetary in the summer skies well known as the Dumbbell-Nebula. Deep images reveal both the hydrogen (H-alpha – red) and oxygen ([O-III] – blue/green) parts of the nebula. The image is the first light for our new 30cm (12″) corrected Newtonian Telescope.

NGC 2903

NGC 2903 is a well known galaxy in the constellation Leo and can be best observed during spring time. On deep photographies, this galaxy reveals a nice barred spiral structure. It is believed to be a look-alike to our own Milky Way Galaxy for its general size and the central bar.

LDN 1101/2

LDN 1101/2 are two dark nebulas in IC1396 (well known as the „elefant’s trunk“). Our image is arguably the first amateurs‘ picture revealing the tiny Planetary with the nomination IPHASXJ214032.5+564752. This Planetary has been discovered not earlier than 2009 on professional telescopes‘ images.

M 86

M 86 is another large elliptical galaxy in the constellation virgo. It is located in the close vicinity of M 84 which can be seen hereHere is a mosaik of the two showing their relative position in the sky.

M 84

M 84 is a famous elliptical galaxy in the constellation virgo. It can thus be best viewed in the spring time. Its close twin M 86 can be seen here, and here is a mosaik of the two showing their relative position in the sky.