NGC 7320-7331


    NGC 7331 and friends (aka Deer Lick Group) is in the top middle of the picture, NGC 7320 and friends (Stephan’s Quintett) is in the bottom right corner and plenty of faint and not so faint background galaxies can be spotted throughout the field. This is arguably one of the most interesting fields in the autumn skies, located next to the constellation of Pegasus.

    In the annotated version, two objects of strange appearance which I could not identify are indicated by a red circle.


  • Date: 7-16 September 2020
  • Location: Bergisches Land
  • Exposure: 81x600s (total: 13.5 hours) @ Photographic Mode Gain 26
  • FWHM: average of 2.3 arcsecs
  • Note: annotated version | inverted version
  • Telescope: AP Starfire 155 EDF f/7
  • Mount: Paramount ME MKS5000
  • Camera: QHY268c
  • Filters: Baader L