IC 410


    IC 410 is a complex of interstellar nebulae (predominantly hydrogen alpha and oxygen III) in the northern skies. Two structure in the upper left part catch the observer’s eye, called the „tadpoles“ for their like appearence.

    This picture shows hydrogen in red and oxygen in blue, which is not exactly what the naked eye would see if the nebula were bright enough. In fact, oxygen III tends to be more blue/green, but the darker blue mapping yields additional contrast. Note the colorful core of the larger „tadpole“ with some gold inside and the tadpoles‘ blueish shockwaves.


  • Date: 20-28 November 2020
  • Location: Bergisches Land
  • Exposure: 19x600s RGB, 35x600s Ha/OIII (total: 9 hours) @ High Gain Mode 60
  • FWHM: average of 2.4 arcsecs
  • Note: Crop from the nebula’s core
  • Telescope: AP Starfire 155 EDF f/7
  • Mount: Paramount ME MKS5000
  • Camera: QHY268c
  • Filters: Baader L, STC Duo